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{ I N T R O } welcome to jongkey_daily ♡

Taemin is an irrelevant being LOL

Hello! Welcome to jongkey_daily. ♡
We are a brand-new community dedicated to giving you a daily dose of the pairing of Blingbling Jonghyun and Almighty Key. ♥

We aim to be an active, fun, and awesome-ful community that puts smiles on your faces with each JongKey-related item we post. ;D This community isn't just going to post pictures. It'll be updated with the latest fancams, candids, downloads, links, videos -- anything really! 8D

All posts are public but feel free to join. ;)
Enjoy the community and spread the Jongkey love, friends. ♥

Of course, every community has to have rules, luckily, our rules here are simple. :D

→ Respect the mods. If we don't get a chance to post on a specific day; just relax. We'll try to catch up as fast as possible. :'D We have lives too~
→ No member bashing also, everyone has their own opinion on things.
→ NO TROLLING. This is an anti-troll/wank place.
→ Enjoy the community! ;) Suggestions/Questions are always welcomed; just message one of the mods.
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